Our Mission and Commitment to You in Season 2

This spring, we took a weekend away to plan for Season 2 of Come to the Table. While this was partially to serve as a retreat where we could connect and recharge, we also wanted to seek God’s vision for this new season of our podcast.

Season One was, quite frankly, a weird montage of us trying to figure out what this all looked like as we went. We started off in a church as an extension of their Women’s Ministry, but God quickly showed us that was not the platform He intended for us. Now that we have a much more clear understanding, we are now ready to seek God in the finer details instead of just the execution of the big picture.

We want to share with you what God showed us, not only so you know where we are coming from, but also prayerfully help someone else who may be seeking God’s guidance in a new adventure.

What is our Mission?

Simply put, our mission is what we are doing. Our mission is our tagline…

A podcast where real women have real conversation with and about a real God.

We want to offer authentic and transparent ladies having honest conversations about God, scripture and our daily Christian lives.

What is our Vision?

Too many times we take the word “vision” and try to make it something way more supernatural than it needs to be. A vision is just why do you want to accomplish your mission?

We exist to help real women, no matter their walk, know that God is real and wants a real and meaningful relationship with them.

Life is messy. It can be full of excitement and happiness or it can just flat out suck. We all know this, so why do we try to cover it up and pretend like our life is perfect and we all have it figured out. There’s a TON of freedom that comes from acknowledging where you are in your walk with God, owning it and striving to walk closer with Him.

What is our Strategy?

Strategy is the how we accomplish our mission. We decided to make a list of things that are “non-negotiables” when it comes to our podcast. We check all the boxes, we are successfully executing our strategy.

  • No clichés – too often in Christian circles, we slap empty words onto situations to try to make them better or make us seem more spiritual. They don’t help and they don’t serve a purpose. On Come to the Table, you won’t hear us throw around empty words.
  • Use His Word as our foundation – we all have opinions and ideas of God, but the whole Bible is the whole Truth. His Word MUST be our foundation.
  • Be honest and transparent – when you listen to us, you get us. We want you to feel as though if you ran into us in a coffee shop and sat with us for a bit, you would get the same women and the same conversations we have on the podcast. We aren’t going to try to make ourselves seem better or farther along than we are.
  • Real and relevant topics – we aren’t worth listening to if we aren’t talking about the things that interest you.
  • Multiple viewpoints – we are a podcast for women. Not just moms or married women or women who work full time. We strive to bring you multiple viewpoints because 1) God made us all unique and you deserve to have yourself represented and 2) God calls women to different seasons and callings all the time. If you are only listing to one viewpoint, you will miss opportunities to grow in humility, empathy and kindness.
  • Honoring and accepting the diversity in ourselves and others – we can disagree with one another without forgoing love for one another.
  • Holding each other accountable – If one of us is off base, not meeting commitment or blatantly sinning, we have to be able to call one another out. Know that we take the privilege of speaking to you very seriously and we strive to hold one another to a high moral, spiritual and ethic standard.
  • Committed prayer for the women we are ministering to – we firmly believe that we have no right to speak to you if we aren’t committed to caring about your spiritual well being. Whether we see your name in a comment or like or if you are a number we see as total listeners, you are being prayed for!
  • Committed to being authentic with one another – As an extension of holding one another accountable, we are committed to being authentic with one another. Within our group there is no hiding a struggle or brushing things under the rug. We don’t need to give one anther the down and dirty details, but we need to at the very least be honest with one another about where we are in live and with God.

YOU are the reason we have a mission, a vision and a strategy!

As we grew in our walks with the Lord, we realized each of us were a little bit of the “black sheep” of the Women’s Ministry. We weren’t all hearts and flowers, we were raw, loud and a bit too honest for some. If you feel like to you just don’t quite fit in the cookie cutter mold of the “ideal Christian woman,” YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Each of us have our own personal convictions that drive each of us individually to do what we do. Over the next few weeks, we will each be sharing with you our own convictions.

If you have any questions about what we’re doing, how we’re doing it or just about a Christian walk in general, don’t hesitate to reach out!




& Melissa

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