Heart Over Hashtags

We recently had the opportunity to attend the Spark Media Conference and Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. While there, one of the speakers was talking about how you should be more concerned about having your heart right and working for the Kingdom of God vs. focusing on who is following you on social media.

On our trek back, we had a three hour layover in New York so we sat at a table, ate some food and had a conversation about what all we took notes on during the different conference sessions.

As we processed everything we learned from our time there, a little doodle Melissa made in her notebook kept coming back to us. She drew a heart over a # (some of you might call it a hashtag, older folks might know it as the pound sign; but it is also shorthand for number). It was a thought that came to her when thinking about working for the Kingdom and she made a little doodle of her abstract thought.

Talking it through, we knew what God wanted us to take from this. Hearts over hashtags! We need to care about you…your heart, your problems, your celebrations, your whole self…more that we care about how we’re promoting ourselves!

So we’re starting a movement! Hearts Over Hashtags! What if all women were more concerned about cheering one another on when things go right instead of just #blessed? What if all women cared enough about one another to actually do something tangible and helpful in times of crisis instead of just #prayingforyou? What if we all just loved each other with our actions and words (even when we disagree) instead of just #loveyourneighbor? What if we all cared more about getting to know another person for who they are than trying to convince them their sin sucks worse than yours with a #Godseesyou? What if all Christians truly reflected Christ instead of just being #teamJesus?

(and yes…all of those #s are ones I have seen on social media platforms where Christians get a little too big for their britches and start coming off as judgy Karens hell bent on pointing out others sin in the most obnoxious way possible while making themselves seem more holy and amazing.)

Will you join the movement? Will you care more about the hearts of others than yourself?

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