Women Supporting Women

One of the hardest things to do as a podcaster is promote yourself. You have to battle with feelings of being prideful or even foolish to put yourself out there. When you’re a Christian podcaster, there is another layer of difficulty because we have been taught that it isn’t about us and it should all point to Christ. Self promotion is often viewed as vain and sinful, even though what we’re doing is for God.

When we traveled to the Spark Media Conference and Awards in Nashville earlier this month, we met so many women who are doing amazing things with their podcasts! And while it was a little easier to talk about our podcasts with one another (mostly because we were all in the same boat), it still felt weird promoting yourself. It was far easier for us to ask other women about their work than it was to talk about our own.

We wanted to do something to support these other women who are doing what we’re doing because we know how hard it is. The things these ladies are doing is amazing! The impact they are making on women’s lives are lasting and incredible and that is something to celebrate!

So while we’re on break between seasons, join us as we spotlight a new podcast each week and tell you about the amazing women that are producing them! We encourage you to check them out, give them a listen and share them with a friend!

Far too often, women are painted with the stereotype that they’re gossiping, jealous and catty. We want to change that perspective and be women who are know for supporting other women! Hearts over hashtags!

Amanda & Melissa

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