Women Supporting Women: Permission to Pause

In the first week of our series “Women Supporting Women,” we are beyond thrilled to introduce you to miss Pat Layton! Pat was one of the first ladies we met while in Nashville and we fell in love with her kind demeaner and her heart for women! She is an author, a podcaster and even holds retreats to help women find rest in the Lord!

Her podcast is Permission to Pause and it is a great way to utilize podcasts as a part of your devotions!

What Pat has to say about Permission to Pause:

This is a podcast for women who love Jesus but simply find it tough to to just be STILL with Him.

My prayer is that Permission to Pause will become a quiet place that will provide women with a time “anytime between sunrise and sunset” to step away from the hustle, to ponder a Word from the Lord, to hear a little story and to pray a simple prayer that gives them the strength they need for their faith journey…

A place–
to pause
to breathe and just be with Jesus!

CS Lewis says, “In silence and meditation on the eternal truth, I hear the voice of God which excites our hearts to greater love.”

As we take a break between seasons, we encourage you to check out this and other awesome podcasts from amazing women! Subscribe to our blog or follow us on social media to learn about a new podcasts and their hosts!
Amanda & Melissa

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