Women Supporting Women: Livin Lively

In this week’s “Women Supporting Women,” we are excited to introduce you to Laine Lawson Craft. We can’t event begin to tell you what a hoot this woman is! She is funny, friendly and makes you feel like you’re her best friend! We had the privilege to have her join our table on the first night of Spark and we instantly fell in love with her. She is a podcaster, a best-selling author and a speaker who has appeared at conferences and on television.

Side note: we found it hilarious at how much Laine and our producer Brandi were similar to one another. It was like Brandi was able to join us!

Her podcast is Livin Lively and it is an amazing way to find encouragement and hope! Give her a listen or check out her books!

What Laine has to say about Livin Lively:

“What I pray for women to gain from my podcast is HOPE and encouragement through the real-life women sharing their stories who have found victory over some of life’s deepest hurts. This is so awesome. I love to support women in any way I can!”

As we take a break between seasons, we encourage you to check out this and other awesome podcasts from amazing women! Subscribe to our blog or follow us on social media to learn about a new podcasts and their hosts!
Amanda & Melissa

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