Women Supporting Women: Vibrant Christian Living

This week, we are super stoked to introduce you to Alicia Michelle for our “Women Supporting Women” series! Alicia’s beautiful smile and bubbly personality shined at Spark and we can’t say enough about how awesome she is! She is a podcaster, speaker, author and all around rock star! We were blessed to be able to have lunch with her the second day, where Melissa and Alicia were able to bond over Christian brain science. If you were able to check out Livin Lively (our featured podcast from last week), you may recognize Alicia as one of Laine’s recent guests.

Her podcast is The Christian Mindset Coach, under her brand “Vibrant Christian Living” and it is an awesome resource to help you move past negative thoughts and be able to live each day vibrantly! Check out her episodes or sign up for her free “Transform Your Thoughts to Transform Your Life” workshop! Also, be sure to follow her on Insta!

What Alicia has to say about The Christian Mindset Coach:

My prayer is that women will feel equipped and empowered to manage their emotions in a new healthy way. My desire is that they could begin to practice the mindset “life skills” I teach (based on brain science and the Bible) so that they could discover more freedom, peace and God-centered confidence. Of course there’s only so much we can cover in a podcast episode. Therefore, I also want listeners to become excited about how managing their thoughts could transform their lives (marriages, relationships, self-esteem, etc) and, if it resonates, choose to work with me in my Christian Mindset Makeover program to discover the root issues behind why they are stuck in perfectionism, comparison, overwhelm, fear/anxiety and/or not feeling “enough”. 

As we take a break between seasons, we encourage you to check out this and other awesome podcasts from amazing women! Subscribe to our blog or follow us on social media to learn about a new podcasts and their hosts!
Amanda & Melissa

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