Booyah! Self-Care!

In a recent conversation with a friend, the topic of self-care came up, I responded with a loud laugh and  an awkward statement of; “I think you’ll find me on the wrong end of the spectrum when it comes to self-care, I tend to indulge far too much in caring for myself!”  My friend’s response,Continue reading “Booyah! Self-Care!”

You Never Know What Someone is Going Through

When I was a little kid, I spent a lot of time with my Granny. I would spend the night at her house, run errands with her and help her at work. One thing that always struck me was just how kind and thoughtful she was to everyone around her. Back in those days, ourContinue reading “You Never Know What Someone is Going Through”

Worshiping the Things of God is Not Worshiping God

I began to recognize that most of my conversations were about what I am doing and less about what God is doing. How I am serving and how I do things. How I think everything should go and how my way, my plan, and my ideas are right because after all I am following God.Continue reading “Worshiping the Things of God is Not Worshiping God”

Moving Past “All About Me”

It is SO easy to make things “all about me.” Especially in today’s world.  We are being bombarded with messages that it is all about us, we should all be doing what is best for us and we should never have to be in difficult situations. After the depression, wars and the baby boom, parentsContinue reading “Moving Past “All About Me””

Confidence is a Funny Thing

Confidence is a funny thing. If you’re quiet, shy or timid, you are told to have more confidence. If you’re loud, bold or determined, you’re told you’re prideful. We tend to label someone as cocky or shy based off of how much they talk. We’ve confused confidence with being outspoken. I have never been accusedContinue reading “Confidence is a Funny Thing”

Our Mission and Commitment to You in Season 2

This spring, we took a weekend away to plan for Season 2 of Come to the Table. While this was partially to serve as a retreat where we could connect and recharge, we also wanted to seek God’s vision for this new season of our podcast. Season One was, quite frankly, a weird montage ofContinue reading “Our Mission and Commitment to You in Season 2”