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The Seat Beside Me – Dr Jen Bennett Come to the Table

In this amazing bonus Seat Beside Me episode, Melissa and Amanda are joined at the table by Dr Jen Bennett. Jen is a professor, author, speaker and encourager of women who has a calling on her life to help women impact the culture around them for the Lord. Jen is not only a source of encouragement for the ladies at the Table, but she is also the spark that God used to ignite their Hearts Over Hashtags movement! To learn more about Jen or listen to her podcast "She Impacts Culture", please visit her website:https://drjenbennett.comYou can also follow her on social media:https://www.facebook.com/DrJenBennetthttps://www.instagram.com/drjenbennettPick up your copy of "#BeWorthFollowing" on Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Jennifer-Bennett/e/B07992Z4J2/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1 If you enjoyed this episode, please help us share it more with other women just like you by leaving us a rating!
  1. The Seat Beside Me – Dr Jen Bennett
  2. The Party's Over
  3. Moving Past Toxic
  4. The Seat Beside Me – Julie Zine Coleman
  5. The Reckoning

Season Guide

Season One: The Hot Mess Express – During season one, we were still trying to figure out just exactly what it was God was calling us to. We didn’t even know we were a podcast until half way through. Because our early episodes were a part of the women’s ministry at our former church, you won’t find them on any of our channels. We became independent after episode 8 and we felt that those episodes we recorded under that ministry belonged to that ministry. We call this season our hot mess express because we didn’t know what we were doing!

Season Two: The One Where We Deconstructed – Season two was one of huge changes for us! When we started out, there were four of us all living in the same town. Areena stepped away from the podcast to focus on her family and the ministry God had called her to seriously. Then as the season was just beginning, Brandi moved to Virginia. While she still serves as our producer and publicist, she no longer is part of our recording sessions. There were also huge changes in our personal and spiritual lives, which lead to all of us going through a season of struggle. About half way through the season, we all realized we were deconstructing. As you listen, you get a front row seat to our struggles and deconstruction.

Season Three: Reconstructing – While we deconstructed from the toxicity of the evangelical church, we didn’t deconstruct from our faith in God. In season three, we are focused on rebuilding our faith based on Biblical truth rather than spiritual assumptions or cultural lenses of what scripture means. We decided that we had so much to discuss on this topic of Reconstruction that we chose to drop episodes twice a month! We are also thrilled to bring you bonus episodes this season called “The Seat Beside Me,” where we invite other women to join us at the table and have a conversation!

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