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King of My Heart (Part 3) Come to the Table

In our Season One Finale, we finish up our 3 part series on King of My Heart by taking a deeper look at David's emotional maturity that played into his spiritual maturity. Join Melissa, Areena, Amanda and Brandi (and the dogs towards the end) at the table as we wrap our first season!NOTE: Thank you all SO MUCH for sticking out our awkward season one with us.  We feel like we have grown through this process and we are excited to start planning Season Two! Season Two will come out sometime in June, but please join our FB Group or follow our blog on our website to stay connected with the Table!
  1. King of My Heart (Part 3)
  2. King of My Heart (Part 2)
  3. King of My Heart (Part 1)
  4. The Struggle is Real
  5. Restoration
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